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The Serama Standard as accepted by the Entente Européenne (EE) in 2009 and all colours in May 2010. The Serama is the first (bantam chicken) breed of which the standard is accepted by the EE, without being accepted in any European country. Purpuse is unity in breeding/judging in all countries as mentioned as the (lofty) goal of the World Standard (WSF). The EE Standard differs a bit compared to the World Standard but in any way in advantage to the breed. The World Standard only describes shape and character, no colour descriptions as the Serama is a charactar and type chicken. The EE Standard describes next to shape also numerous colours of which many unique Serama colours.

The 2010 EE Serama Standard is ready in French, German and Dutch and can be downloaded below. English will follow when the translation is ready.
Click on the link on the left to download the PDF.
De EE Standaard
Alle in het nieuwe document genoemde kleuren zijn erkend per mei 2010.
The official Entente Européenne Serama Standard
as accepted May 2010
(acceptance completed)